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Related post: Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 22:49:12 -0500 (GMT-05:00) From: Guy Subject: Quincy and NoahQuincy and Noah By Jonathan AbramsAll the little girl panty usual disclaimers apply. This story involves a college aged man little russian photos and an underage boy. nudist little girls If that's not to your liking, porn tube little then leave. There is no rape or coercion involved. The author does not condone nor endorse sex between minors and adults. It's fantasy. Enjoy it. Comments welcome at Flames will be ignored. On the first day of school one September , sweet little kds 9-year-old Quincy and his classmates were introduced to 19-year-old Noah David Zurich, who had been assigned to their classroom as a teaching assistant. He was in his second year of college and was studying for his degree in pregnant little girls elementary education. He took an instant liking to Quincy, spending as much time as was possible at school. In November, when the class got ready for school pictures, Noah made an effort to stand on the little sveta end closest to Quincy, russian little cunt who pushed his way to the end of the row, so he could stand next to Noah. Noah reached out and took Quincy's hand and gave it a squeeze, feeling his penis start getting erect. He hoped Quincy wouldn't notice. One day, Kyle was late picking Quincy up from school, so Noah offered to take him home. Kyle said that was fine with him. On the way, they stopped for an ice cream. Once back in the car, Noah looked over and noticed ice cream on Quincy's little forced fuck little angel incest lip. "You have some ice cream on your lip," Noah said. Trying to act independent, Quincy lipped his lips. "Did I hey little girl get it?" 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He little dick porn shook hands with Quincy's parents and turned to leave. As he reached the door, he turned around and said, "I have free movie passes to little kids incest see `Stuart Little' and was wondering if Quincy little nude camping would like to go this weekend." "Sure, I don't see why not," his mother said. "Good, I'll little lollipops see you tomorrow afternoon," Noah said, smiling at Quincy. The next day, Noah showed up at noon to take little bill Quincy for a bite to eat before the 1:30 show. They went to McDonald's and Noah sat and watched as Quincy played on the equipment for awhile. incest little girls Then, they went for ice cream before heading to the theater. Quincy left little cocks tgp some ice cream on his lips on purpose, hoping Noah would lick it off again. He did. Once they were settled at the theater, Noah bought popcorn, drinks and candy and got comfortable. "This is cool," Quincy said. "My parentss never let me have candy and soda at the movies. I always have to have one or the other with my popcorn." "That's un-American," Noah said. "This will be our little boy masturbating little secret." Noah wasn't that thrilled about seeing the movie, but the company made it worthwhile. Having a friend who worked japan little pussy at the theater he often got free passes real little girl to many movies and he had requested passes to this movie, despite how his friend looked at him when he asked. Once the popcorn container was empty, Noah reached over and put little april horny his hand on Quincy's leg. Quincy placed his hand on Noah's hand and they locked fingers. Getting brave, Noah moved his hand farther until it came to rest on Quincy's inner thigh, just below his crotch. Quincy, feeling himself getting an erection, shifted a little in little boys underwear the seat. "Are you okay?" Noah whispered. "Yeah, I'm ped girl little fine. I just wanted to get comfortable." Quincy placed his hand in the same place on Noah's inner thigh. Noah shifted in his seat, sweet little cunt as he too, started to get an erection. They remained in that position throughout the rest of the movie, with Noah occasionally moving his finger along the leg band of Quincy's underwear, which he could feel through his jeans. When the movie porno hentai little ended, they got up and headed out, as Noah placed his hand on Quincy's shoulder. Once they were in the car, Noah said, "I sexy little bodies had a really nice time." "Me, too," Quincy said. "How about we go for a bite to eat before I take you home?" Noah asked. "Sure, let me call little tennie pussys home," Quincy said, looking for a payphone. Spotting a phone booth nearby, he ran over and called his parents and asked if he could spend some more time with Noah at the mall. They said that would be fine. Running back to the car, he said, "They said that was fine. They said I could hang out with you for the rest of the afternoon." "Cool," Noah said, as he leaned over and kissed Quincy on the cheek. "Let's say we head for the video arcade at the mall?" "Okay," Quincy said. Once they arrived at the mall and saw how crowded the little kid jokes arcade was, Noah said, "I have an even little rusian better idea. Why don't we go to my place and play with my Atari? It beats waiting for a game here and we can play as long forbidden little porn as you want for little girl net rapeing little girls free." "Okay," Quincy said. They headed for the parking lot to find their car. Arriving at his apartment, Noah told Quincy to make himself at home and he would dig out the video games. Setting up the Atari, they sat down on the couch together and started to play. Quincy porno little girls propped his legs up on Noah's lap little childs naked and little russian nude asked if he could play one of the games against the computer. Noah complied, placing his hand on Quincy's calf. He took off Quincy's verry little girl socks and started playing with his feet. "You have nice feet," he said. "Thanks," Quincy giggled. "Oh, am I tickling you?" "A little. But, it feels nice." Noah continued playing with Quincy's feet. He ran his hand up Quincy's calf and, very slowly moved his hand little girs nudes inside Quincy's pant leg, moving to adjust his gay teens littleboy erection, which was now slamming against his boxers. He continued moving his hand inside Quincy's pants until he reached the back of his kneecap. Quincy had stopped lola little porn playing the game and had laid the controls down. "Are you okay?" Noah asked. "Yeah," Quincy gasped, readjusting his legs so Noah could get his hand further up his legs. He started to unbuckle his belt. "Here, let me do little preeteen that," Noah said, taking his hand out of Quincy's pant leg. He readjusted his position, stood up and, leaning down, kissed Quincy full on the lips, as his hand reached down and started to unbuckle Quincy's belt. Once amateur little angel he had the 3d little girls belt unbuckled, he unsnapped his pants, then, trying not to touch Quincy's privates, he reached for the zipper and slowly eased it down. "I really like you, Quincy." Once his pants were loosened, Quincy raised his hips off the couch so Noah could slide his pants off, which he did, revealing Quincy's hard 3 1/2 inches pushing against his Spider Man underwear. "Cute underwear," Noah said, leaning down and little kids soccer planting a kiss on Quincy's lips again, as his hand reached inside Quincy's shirt, tracing his stomach all little nudee the way to his nipples. "Stop," Quincy said, sitting up. He removed his shirt and little illegal pussy laid back down. Noah looked his almost naked body over for a minute, then placed his lips against Quincy's left nipple. His hand moved slowly toward Quincy's underwear, as he placed his finger under the waistband. Noah removed his shirt and stepped out of his pants, grateful he was little girlsporn wearing boxers, which hid his 6 inch penis, somewhat. "Come here," Noah said, heading for cartoon little boys the bedroom. "Let's get more comfortable." Quincy followed Noah into the bedroom and they fell into each other's arms, kissing. Quincy was running his hands along Noah's chest and stomach, fingering the thin line of little angels imageboard hair that ran from the center of his chest to the waistband of his boxers. With as much bravery as he dared, Quincy put his hand inside Noah's boxers and gave nudes little boy his little boy singing firmness a squeeze. Noah gasped as he reached inside Quincy's underwear, feeling his tiny erection. They removed their underwear and Quincy's eyes got big little girl bj when he saw little tommy how big Noah was. "Wow," was little porni free all Quincy had time to say before Noah completely took his entire erection in his littles desnudas mouth, causing him to gasp. He worked Quincy over like an ice cream littles girls gallery cone little anal until, 10 minutes later, Quincy's body was overcome with his youthful orgasm. Not wishing to be outdone, Quincy put his mouth in Noah's crotch, not sure how he should proceed. He took the tip of Noah's penis in his mouth and felt as Noah stiffened further. He moved his mouth until he had a little over an inch in his very little nudist mouth and started sucking in littles cuties nude an up and down motion like he would if he was sucking a lollipop. In 10 minutes, Noah cried out, "You might want to stop, unless you want a mouth full of...." At that illegal little porn point, he exploded little japan thumbs in the most intense orgasm he had ever experienced. "Wow. That was awesome. Where did you learn that?" "I watched you," Quincy said, winking. "You're a funny kid, you know that. I have never done anything like that little boy cartoon before," Noah said. "It just seemed like something I wanted to do." girl sex little He leaned over and kissed Quincy, tasting a little of his sperm on Quincy's tongue. They both started to get erect again. "Hold on, a minute," he said. "I'll be right back." Although he wasn't really sure why he was looking for little susie mp3 it, he started digging through the bathroom cupboards until he found a small jar of Vaseline. Removing the lid, he headed for the bedroom, letting little sex free its light medicinal smell fill the air. When he little men naked returned to the bedroom, he saw Quincy sprawled out on the bed with his little penis sticking straight up in the air. He climbed in beside him. Placed the jar of Vaseline on little teens sex the bed next to little cunt galleries him and started kissing Quincy again. As they kissed, he little nasty teenz reached around with his left hand and, dipping three fingers into the jar, he grabbed a generous portion and started greasing his penis. He got it really slick and then reached down and poked his well greased index finger in Quincy's anus. Quincy yelped as little titty Noah's index finger pushed past his sphincter muscle. "I'm sorry," little kds pussy Noah little jap girl said. "Did that hurt?" "A little." "I'll be gentle," Noah said, as his finger slid past the first knuckle. They kissed some more as Noah, getting more brave, pulled his index finger nude little sluts out, dipped it once again into the jar of Vaseline and proceeded to push both the index finger and middle finger into Quincy's rectum, as he yelped again. "I'm sorry, I'm hurting you. I'll stop." "No, it's okay. It didn't hurt. I just wasn't expecting it." "Are you sure? I want you to feel good, but I don't want to hurt you." "I'm sure." Noah leaned little teenz list down and engulfed Quincy's penis again, as he once again pushed with his two fingers at Quincy's sphincter muscle, which yielded much easier this time. He pushed until his hand pushed against Quincy's rectum. He felt Quincy's prostate and pushed gently, as Quincy let penis little out a moan. Removing his fingers, he once little girls photos more dipped them in the jar of Vaseline, greased his penis up some more and put the index finger, the middle finger and the ring finger together and pushed once wet little pussy again, feeling Quincy yield once again. Judging himself to be less fatter than his three fingers, he decided he was ready. "Roll over onto your stomach," Noah said. Wanting to please him, he did as he was hot little incest asked. Noah placed the head of his penis against Quincy's well-greased sphincter and gave a gentle push. sweet little boysex Quincy gasped as he started to toplist little teens yield to Noah's invasion. Noah pushed gently past the muscle and felt Quincy little 16 porno gently relaxing little dick fucking little summer as he pushed ever deeper, whispering how much he loved him as he continued his invasion. After what seemed like an eternity, Noah felt his pushing stop as his crotch reached Quincy's body. He reached his hand around and gave Quincy's balls a gentle squeeze and gently lay down on top of him, adjusting so he wouldn't completely cover his body. watson little agency Once he was very little girls inside little whores him, he was amazed at how small Quincy suddenly seemed. He gently started an in and out thrust, pulling out about 1/8 of an inch and pushing back in. He felt like he was all the way up to Quincy's stomach. After 15 minutes, Noah gave a loud gasp and poured his sperm into Quincy. After four spurts, he started naked little tits to relax. Pulling out, he kissed Quincy little kdz once again. "That felt really awesome, Quincy," Noah said. "Thank you. I think you're really special. We little kiddy incest shared galleries little girls something special." "Thank you for sharing it with me," Quincy said. They went in and took little april wet a shower and Noah took Quincy home.
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